1. Hello! I’m a young filmmaker from Cambridge, UK and this is my film label. It’s still early days, but support from anyone would be amazing. I post all the updates on there and there’s already stuff on there from my last project. If you could like the page, maybe give some feedback on the stuff I’ve done that’d be great! Thanks.

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  4. The Escape Official Trailer Two.

    Yep, finally. I know, you don’t need to say anything. It’s been two weeks since the first trailer, and I haven’t managed to stick to any of my schedules yet regarding the releases the next trailers. But, I feel I might have a solution. By deleting all evidence. That’s right, there are no schedules. As of now, anything could appear at any time. 

    Tonight I released the first teaser trailer, but I am now going to tell you all that the second trailer is in fact completed and ready to upload at any time. I don’t feel too great about uploading two videos within a few hours of each other, but then again I have been very lazy recently. So what do you think? D’you want me to upload the official trailer two?


  5. Nearing the end of editing now.

    The final scene has just about been completed, it’s time for the finishing touches before it’s ready for upload. It looks to be about 9 minutes long (much longer than the original 5 minute cut). It doesn’t, however, feature any dialogue. It is a bit of an experiment really, especially since it’s 9 minutes long.

    I’m confident though, and even if it doesn’t go well, I’m over the moon about the trailer. It might even be more spooky than the film! Speaking of trailers, I might well release a second trailer before the film. Seems a bit stupid, but please let me explain why I am so eager to make stuff on here…

    I wasn’t going to go ahead with re-making The Escape, but after downloading the trial for some new editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro CS6), I decided to definitely go for it. So, I’ve tried to make as much use of it as possible while I have it, and decide on whether or not I want to buy it. So far, it’s exceeded all expectations and made Final Cut look like utter shit.

    Within the 4 or so days of having this editing software, I have managed to make a lot of different things, all of which I will be putting on the DVD copies, and some on here/Youtube/Vimeo. These include the film itself, one or two trailers, interviews, directors commentary, photo gallery, introduction to The Escape and possibly the reversed original trailer, which has a few clues of its own towards the film itself.

    It’s safe to say I am very proud with what this software has managed to do, I’ve only ever used Final Cut, and it’s taken me a few days to learn how to use this and enjoy it immensely. Anyway, back to editing for me, I plan to finish the first copy of the film tonight. A second trailer is very likely (I love making trailers on here), and I may well post a photo gallery of stills and pictures from the shoot on here!

    If you bothered to read this, then thank you :) You can find a link to my Vimeo account on my blog, and I’ll put a Youtube one there too later on.

  6. The Escape- What’s real? Am I here? Where do I go now? How do I escape?

  7. The Escape - Youtube HD version. A lot of thought went into the trailer, and it has a lot of hints (perhaps more than the film itself) about the narrative of The Escape. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos, including the upcoming short film The Escape.

    What do you think of the trailer so far?

  8. Trailer to my short The Escape, check it out and give me some feedback? Should be uploaded to Youtube soon.

    Directed by James Doughty

    Written by James Doughty & Chloe Maxwell

    Starring: Lynsey Smith, Ben Norman and James Doughty

  9. I’ve been going on a lot about my new short filmThe Escapefor quite a while now, but no one has really seen it, apart from the occasional photo. Well, that’s because I felt royally screwed in how it turned out through editing. Therefore, I decided to do my own cut. 

    So, I’ve ditched Final Cut and decided to use Adobe Premiere CS6 instead using my Windows PC. Yes, my Windows PC, I do not own (or ever plan to own) a Mac, despite editing videos and so on. So I’ve started that tonight, I’ve recovered ALL of the original footage that I shot a few months ago and have begun editing already. Once finished, I’ll show it to you all on here and hopefully get some feedback.

    That is all.

  10. The Escape (2012) - A short film by James Doughty & Chloe Maxwell

    Following a recent break up from her fiancee, the narrator (Lynsey Smith) becomes convinced that she is being followed by a man in a grey suit. It doesn’t take long for his appearances to become more frequent, until one cold night, the narrator makes one final bid for freedom with dramatic consequences.

  11. From Here on Out- A short documentary made by a few friends of mine for their A2 Coursework in Film Studies. They took to the streets of Cambridge and attacked many people with the question “What do you want to achieve in life?”. They even attacked me with it! But I doubt you’ll notice which one I am anyway. 

    Definitely worth checking out, I enjoyed it a lot. Out of interest, since it’s the theme of the post, what would you like to achieve in life?


  12. Currently Watching: Horrible Bosses (Seth Gordon, 2011)

    Words can’t even describe how much I enjoy this film. No, it doesn’t have an amazing narrative. No, it doesn’t make all that much sense in retrospect. However, the brilliant cast makes this film. It’s just pure entertainment.


  13. Currently Watching: Lucky Number Slevin (Paul McGuigan, 2006)

    Let’s be honest here, despite not being a creative masterpiece, Lucky Number Slevin is a great film. It’s simple, it’s enjoyable and it has twists and turns. Some might call it predictable, others might not. Either way, the action, the humour and the great acting makes this film one of my favourites. Therefore, I am watching it.