2. Currently Watching: Be Cool (F. Gary Gray, 2005)

    I have to admit, this film is very poor compared to Get Shorty. All the recycled jokes, the repetition and pretty much the same narrative make this film unbearable at times. However, I still have to admit I enjoy watching this film, mainly because I love the character of Chili Palmer (John Travolta). Despite the fact that in this film he’s porkier, wears too much fake tan, uses the same phrases as he did in Get Shorty AND  is cockier than he was before, which used to be enjoyable but now has become quite annoying. 

    Of course Get Shorty is better, we all know this, but Be Cool (despite its many flaws) is still a very enjoyable film, if you can get past the repetition, its fun and easy to watch. 

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    Pulp Fiction, 1994 (dir. Quentin Tarantino)

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    pulp fiction…happy friday :) 

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